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Frank Strona

San Francisco, California
As long-time a nationally known writer, educator, adviser, technology and content specialist, I have been active in the pursuit to improve, educate and promote opportunities that support the engaged learner while also preparing the workforce with the tools and skills necessary to stay competitive in a rapidly expanding technology based world.

My professional portfolio spans 25 years of change and innovation, which has included raising national and international awareness on the importance of access for engaged technology-based learning, health interventions that offer marginalized and non-socialized high impacted communities at risk for health disparities opportunities to take active part is health change. I specialize in customized interventions that look to new media technology as an integrated partner in promoting the health and education of communities; assisting educators, managers and small business owners with tools to navigate the complex and never ending menu of social media opportunities.

Recently I expanded my efforts to assist the entrepreneur and small business owners bridge the new media gap by developing social media strategic and persuasive design plans. I hold a strong conviction that diversity and inclusion is integral to any success in the workplace, which prompted my own return to the classroom for a master’s degree in public health in 2007 from San Jose State University. I then moved on to complete my doctoral coursework at the California Institute for Integral Studies in Transformational Studies and Leadership, where I am currently writing my data up towards a dissertation defense this spring. In addition to my work in Public Health for the Centers for Disease Control, Bay Area Health Departments and private consulting, I also hold Associate and Adjunct roles with National University Allied Health Services Program and Adjunct Professor status at San Jose State’s Department of Health Science and Recreation.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @FVStrona or my MentorSF Facebook page www.Facenbook.com/MentorSFCA or LinkedIn.com/in/FVStrona. You can alsp check out my own digital landscape on https://www.vizify.com/fvstrona