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Dr. Manuel Aparicio IV

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CEO and Co-Founder

Co-founder and CEO

With more than 25 years experience in the development and commercialization of intelligent software systems, “Manny” is an evangelist for the broad adoption of associative memory technology, defining a new school of thinking about Big Data Analytics.  He is Saffron’s principle evangelist of this new approach and its applications to national, business, and consumer intelligence. Saffron has been noted by Gartner Research as one of five "Cool Vendors" in Enterprise Information Management, listed by JMP Securities among one hundred “Private Movers and Shakers in Big Data and Business Intelligence”, and was highlighted by Forrester Research in "It's the Dawning of The Age of BI DMBS." Gartner Research also highlighted Saffron as one of the few vendors to “hybridize” structured and unstructured data sources toward the unification of analytics from sense making to decision-making and prediction.


Before founding Saffron, Manny was Chief Scientist of the IBM Knowledge Management and Intelligent Agent Center, coordinating IBM worldwide assets across all research and development labs, also working with advanced customers across several industries, especially in telecommunications and manufacturing. He has over thirty years of experience in machine learning and over twenty years of experience in the commercialization and industrial development of intelligent agents. He served on the boards of international organizations such as The Agent Society and The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, engaging global defense and commercial interests in intelligent distributed systems.


He received his doctorate in experimental psychology (engineering minor) from the U. of South Florida as a National Science Foundation Fellow, specializing in biologically-inspired neuro-computing, now applied to the future of advanced data analysis for democratized use by everybody.


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