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Manisha Arora

Marketing Vice President

Marketing Vice President, Appnomic

Manisha Arora joined Appnomic Systems as a seasoned product management and marketing vice-president empowered with a unique combination of technical analysis and interpersonal skills that allow her to communicate effectively with peers, clients and executives. Her years of business development and delivery experience demonstrate an established track record of generating significant revenue with enterprise customers. Manisha began her career a senior software engineer with Data Conversion, and then parlayed that technical experience to serve a systems analyst and senior consultant with Analyst International and Software Spectrum, respectively. Her proven expertise afforded her a transition into management consulting with Broadvision where she managed customer relationships at senior management level for Fortune 100 accounts with annual services billings of two million. Just prior to joining Appnomic, Computer Associates leveraged her technical expertise and business growth success as a solutions director, where she managed all sides of partnership, sales teams and technical architects to grow the company’s services business for deployment of Enterprise IT management solution services by 100% year over year.

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