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Ethan Oberman

Co-founder and CEO

Ethan is the founder and CEO of SpiderOak - providing cloud-based backup, synchronization, and sharing services. Through the creation of a fully secure environment ('zero-knowledge' privacy), SpiderOak focuses on delivering a more flexible and technically advanced solution to the consumer, small business, and enterprise.
Ethan graduated from Harvard University in 1999. Upon graduation, he matriculated to New York to produce a short film about an elderly Jewish brassiere maker. When complete he moved back to his hometown of Chicago - producing commercials and designing/constructing furniture. He started an email marketing company which he grew from 2001 - 2004. In 2005 he traveled and took involvement in several real estate projects. 
In the later half of 2006 the ideas for SpiderOak started to take hold and by the middle of 2007 the company was formed. SpiderOak officially launched its service in December of that year. His blogging contributions can be mainly found on the SpiderOak blog (https://spideroak.com/blog) and range in subject matter from the importance of user privacy to sandwich making to current events to influential and 'must-read' books.

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