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Divine Cloud provides Divine Platform - Cloud based Systems management & Automation platform for hybrid cloud environments.
At Divine Cloud, we recognize the challenges associated with Hybrid cloud management, and have developed Divine Platform to specifically address those pain points that DevOps team faces in their day-to-day cycle of systems management. Our goal is to provide right set of power tools to sys admins & developers, so they can easily integrate multiple cloud environments with their existing infrastructure, without having to learn a new language or having to throw away their existing configuration & installation scripts.
Many Cloud platforms today require DevOps to learn a new language to be able to use their platforms efficiently. Divine Platform's approach is to provide language flexibility, so DevOps can use any language(s) of their choice, including, Shell Scripts, Perl, Java, Ruby, Python, etc. 

We are probably the first company to offer Divine Terminal, cloud-based distributed Terminal, as a service. Divine Terminal allows users to execute ad-hoc commands (system or custom), scripts across multiple servers in parallel. It provides significant time savings, by not requiring users to login into each server, to execute commands or run scripts. 
Check out www.divinecloud.com for more details.